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Workshop at Musée des Sciences, Geneva

Dominique Barthassat has participated in many workshops in international festivals, in museums of contemporary art and art schools, performing his bodily and visual approach to music with children and teenagers. His singular teaching method combines the performing with martial arts (archery, kung fu…).

He has also organised workshops in the course of humanitarian missions in Kosovo, New Delhi and Jaipur. He volunteered music trainings for the Kosovo's  refugee's children in Geneva during the Balkans’ conflict. He also went to Pristina, on the invitation of the French Contact Office where he met with the team of Bernard Kouchner. This experience was decisive for his further involvement in “on-site causes”.

Dominique Barthassat is presently developing new proposals for the monumental Cosmic Clock, his innovation's planned itinerary. In parallel, the construction of the small Cosmic Clock, a genuine sound-image-light mobile studio, will contribute to develop new applications on the field in collaboration with other institutions.

He wishes to put this innovative instrument at the disposal of underprivileged children who don’t have access to the new technologies’ creative eldorado.

For the image program of the small Cosmic Clock, two video camera connected to laptops will provide children the possibility to realise video clips and to edit them on DVD.

Image, sound spatialization and body interactivity can also contribute to a productive dialogue between different points of view, life conditions and cultures. Therefore, Dominique Barthassat wants to involve him more specifically in a pedagogy focused on humanitarian orientations.

•  Workshop itinerary

•   Presentations-performances and workshops  (list of realisations and press release in french)