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Courses for adults

Flexible courses for adults

piano and music by computer

The aim of this method is to be able to quickly play music pieces chosen in different repertoire (classical, jazz, modern) but also to develop improvisation. By the means of an original mnemonic system, the pianist-explorer can integrate the music theory in a logical, fun and creative way.

This pedagogical method of piano techniques’ rapid integration is characterized by : 

_ A body experience of rhythm, a reflexes’ harmonisation; learning to dissociate and coordinate dexterously the left and right movements.

_ An innovative technique to visualise the musical scores, to rapidly integrate notions as tonality and harmony, and to navigate skilfully through various possibilities of transpositions (chords, melodies, counterpoint…).

 _ Together with the interpretation of various repertories, learning to integrate gradually the piano improvisation and composition.

These techniques also aim to develop some kind of autonomy in learning piano. In twelve sessions, the pianist-explorer can integrate a large field of data which allows him to liberate his inventive potential. This innovative approach combines fun, discipline and self-development such as in a practice like yoga.

An initiation to music by computer is proposed in option to widen in a more environmental way several aspects experimented with the instrument.
By means of various professional softwares, the explorer becomes familiar with music composition and sound spatialization.


These courses are meant for adults of any age.

One or several cycles
of 6 sessions are proposed for a gradual training.
No previous knowledge of music theory or practice of an instrument is required.

Rates on demand.

For further information please contact us.