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The Innovation

genesis of the cosmic clock

Based on his international experiences and musical creations in such diversified areas as music festivals, museums, fashion shows, movies and other events, the Swiss composer, Dominique Barthassat, has envisioned to amplify his Sound Architectures combining light and image on a monumental scale. 

He invented a new way of wrapping buildings and sites with sound and vision, with a flexible and monumental technology, conveying a more poetic and contemporary dimension to the traditional concept of Sound and Light Shows.

After five years of research, the Cosmic Clock was conceived and developed by Dominique Barthassat, in synergy with the proficiencies of new technologies and architecture.

How is the Cosmic Clock innovative ?

The Cosmic Clock is innovative in the configuration of its technological piloting.
Due to its flexibility and mobility, areas that were before compartmentalized (environment, tourism, humanitarian operations) can now be connected with its artistic program.

This sound and musical sphere surrounds a place or a building with several acoustic rings. The listener is totally immersed in a 360° acoustic coverage similar to what IMAX® does for image. An additional light and image program customized according to the background composes the visual feature of the Cosmic Clock.

Thanks to its high tech engineering an its customised Musical score, the Cosmic Clock is mobile and can therefore be adapted to any site or monument of the world heritage.

Conceived as an « open space », the Cosmic Clock can integrate different programs, applications or art expression inviting collaborations with other artists and creators.

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